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SELF PACED: Pregnancy and Postpartum Athleticism Certification: New and Updated!

For Personal trainers, PT, OT/COTA, and other health practitioners  

Here's what you'll learn from Brianna Battles, Founder of Pregnancy & Postpartum Athleticism and CEO of Everyday Battles LLC

Recognize how fitness culture and “athlete brain” influence a client’s motivations, training goals, interests, and health. 

Identify the anatomy and physiology of the core system, as well as common core and pelvic health considerations that pregnant and postpartum clients often experience. 

Draw inferences on which of the “P&PA Players” (breath, pressure, tension, positioning, movement) to adjust to accommodate an athlete’s symptoms, tendencies, and athletic goals. 

Select programming and exercise adjustments that would help athletes manage individualized symptoms and considerations in their training during seasons of pregnancy and postpartum.


"I took Brianna Battles’ “Pregnancy and Postpartum Athleticism” coaching course and was absolutely blown away. By far the best course I’ve ever taken. I’m beyond proud and grateful to be part of this family. "

"Thank you for all of the knowledge, insight, and inspiration from P&PA! I was passionate about postpartum health/fitness prior to taking the course - but after finishing it, I’m even more fired up to serve as an advocate, educator, and trainer for women!."