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GPHAM Webinar: Diastasis Recti Research and Clinical Application

For Medical and Fitness Professionals

Here's what you'll learn from Dr. Tracy Sher, PT, DPT, CSCS and Diane Lee

Effective positions and techniques for assessing DRA 

Determining what strategies people are using for stabilizing their trunk 

Understanding what strategies might have implications on other parts of pelvic health as well as what activities might be challenging with that strategy 

Understanding when surgical options might be able to help 

 The psychosocial factors that come into play with DRA 

The latest research on the detailed anatomy of the abdominal wall muscles and fascial sheaths 

Many other clinical pearls!


"Diane Lee-- you truly are so pivotal in how I've always practiced over the past 12 years, thank you for transforming the PT world, you have also helped me on my healing journey with my moderate DRA."

"Diane Lee, PT is my absolute favorite educator. Been using her stuff since I took her class back in the early 2000's. To all you PT's out there that have not been exposed to her information, she is the most thorough and straight forward teacher. I use her stuff every day and quote her constantly. Manual therapy, biomechanics and tissue specificity exercise is key."

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