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GPHAM Webinar: Menopause for Athletes

For Medical and Fitness Professionals

Here's what you'll learn from Dr. Tracy Sher, PT, DPT, CSCS and Dr. Stacy Sims

Understand that menopause is not a barrier to training and racing. 

Design or suggest training that can fit any stage of life. 

Make dietary changes or suggestions to match what is going on with the body. 

Make appropriate decisions about how to train, when to train, how hard to train, and kind of training to do.

Understand the specific nutritional needs of menopausal athletes. 

Explain the specific changes that happen with hormones during perimenopause and menopause and how this affects all systems - muscular, brain, metabolism, and more. 

Share the knowledge that training in the 40s, before full menopause, increases optimal effects and prevents or slows down deleterious changes. 

Understand that the timing and type of protein intake matters.


"Finding out the importance of a specific 20-30 minute HIIT interval workout being way more beneficial than endurance exercises or boot camp classes was mind blowing. The science is so important. This is the info we all need to know!"

"This will absolutely change the way I work with my clients to give them more direct results, backed by science! Game changer! Thank you!"

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